March 30th, 2015


Winter Soldier Cosplay

I promised pictures, so here they are!

At the end of February, I made a joke on my FB about how I haven't been able to afford a haircut, and as a result, I have "Winter Soldier Hair" - well, naturally, many of my friends decided that I HAD to do the costume. Since I was planning to go to ECCC at the end of March, I thought, sure, why not!

Well, really, it was because my friend, Tash, commented and said "I know how to make costumes. I can help." And since I don't know how to make costumes, I was like "this is the only way that this costume will happen, so, yes, please." It took us about 4 working days in total when it came down to it. Plus, some last minute trouble shooting on my end, but we managed to pull it off!

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I might do another post about ECCC itself, we'll see... it DID kick off with not only meeting Kelly Sue DeConnick, but also escorting her to her booth! So, that was cool! :)