March 25th, 2015

Don't Litter

Quick Reaction: 10x16 Paint It Black

Early review tonight, because tomorrow I'm heading down to Seattle for ECCC! Yay! Also, no lyrics for the cut-text today, because I drove home and didn't even listen to the radio.

I'm not drunk OR tired tonight, but that doesn't necessarily mean that this review will be any more coherent than usual.

Also, please remember my LJ rule - if you hated the episode, fine, but keep it to yourself. If you absolutely must post about your feelings, make sure you follow up every negative point with a positive one. Example: "I didn't like the monkey, but I must say that Jensen's eyes were particularly stunning in that one scene with the rutabega."

And I say that because I didn't feel this episode was as strong as last week's... but there WERE still elements to it that I enjoyed...

Let's get right to it...

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As usual, let me know what you thought in comments! Also, as usual, please forgive spelling mistakes, I am not the best speller and spell-check doesn't work for me on LJ anymore.