January 18th, 2015


Rewatch S9: Bloodlines (9x20)

This episode I'm going to do a bit differently. Bloodlines is barely about Sam and Dean (or Cas), nor Sam and Dean parallels , and these rewatches are primarily about me talking about their character arcs. So, in the absence of a character arc, there's not much to talk about that's of interest to me.

I kind of feel like I already talked about the episode itself in my initial quick reaction back when it aired. And I don't really have much to add - I mean, I could spend 2+ hours ripping the episode apart and explain just why it never worked as a backdoor pilot, but I like to keep this blog fairly positive and doing that just seems mean-spirited to me. The writers tried to do something; it didn't work. Move on.

BUT, rather than skip this episode completely, I figured I'd listen to it with the commentary track on and just kind of run a little summary of what's said about it.


It's Bob Singer, Andrew Dabb (writer), and Jeremy Carver.

Collapse )

So, I know that's not a traditional rewatch, but I really wasn't interested in watching the episode again - and since this is my blog and I can do what I like, I'm doing what I like!

I WILL, however, lift my no-negativity ban for the comments - so, if you want to vent all your emotions about this episode, feel free! You don't even have to mitigate it by saying something good for every bad thing.

If you want to say bad things about me, however, the no-negitivity ban is still in effect!! I'm lovely.