September 20th, 2014


Rewatch S9: I think I'm Going To Like It Here (9x01)

Rewatch time is upon us!

I'm going to be starting off with the BluRays at my friends place - and then when my friend gets back from their weekend away, they're actually bringing me the DVDs (a gift from my American sister). So, yeah, starting off NOT paying attention to the wardrobe, since I need the DVDs to do that - so, this will either make these go quicker for me, or it'll create more work when I have to watch the episode again to do the clothes... *shrug* (ETA: It did not go quicker. It still took me 4 hours to get through one episode.)

What I AM going to do though is that, as long as I'm going off the BluRay, I'm going to be making little notes to myself when they change clothes - just so that when I got back over these episodes with the DVDs, I know what scenes I have to pay attention to. For those who are curious, this will give you a little insight into how I do the clothing catalogue. That being said, they don't change clothes in this episode, so this will probably kick in during 9x02 instead.

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Woot! End of first episode!

I apologize for any and all spelling mistakes. My spellchecker isn't working for some reason and I'm not actually THAT great of a speller. English is a ridiculous language when it comes to spelling.