June 13th, 2014

The Damned and the Saved

June Ficlet: Sam's Birthdays (Supernatural) poem-fic?

Today the dice decided that I should do a prompt fro yalumesse's 30 day prompt list. The prompt the dice chose...

Prompt: is set on a character's birthday/anniversary/some other annual Special Day in their verse

Now, with a prompt like that, I pretty much have to do a Supernatural fic - since I work so hard on the timeline and knowing what happens when on that show. Also, today happens to be raloria's birthday (Happy Birthday, raloria!), as well as my best friend's birthday (he doesn't read this LJ, but I still love him). So, I thought, well, a birthday it is then... and since more stuff happens on Sam's birthday, I chose it.

The other thing you have to know is that I was reading poetry right before I started writing this... and that will become VERY apparent when you read it. I basically wrote a Supernatural Poem-fic, but with a few stanzas that are jarringly out of rhythm and rhyme.

Sam's Birthdays...
Words: 432

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The End.

As a special post-script, here's a poem I wrote once about my best friend:

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Alright, that's the end of weird poetry day. I promise to never let that happen again. :P