June 1st, 2014

Sneaky Castiel

June Ficlet: Angels Aren't Good at Time (Supernatural)

The first June ficlet!

Today's random dice through selected first that I would use on of the prompts you guys provided, and second that the prompt I used would be borgmama1of5's prompt.

Prompt: Something cracky where the boys figure out that they've lost 2 years and it should be 2016...but it isn't :)

I'm not sure if I made it cracky enough, but I tried!

Angels Aren't Good At Time
Words: 678

Collapse )

The End.

Well, that was a fun one to kick off my ficlets month. :P

If you want to leave a prompt in the prompt post and haven't yet, you still can. I'm basically just leaving it open for new prompts for the month, so there's no time-limit. I do roll dice to select prompts though, so there's no guarantees that I'll get to yours.