March 4th, 2014

Then and Now

Quick Reaction: 9x15 Thinman

Early quick reaction tonight, because my friends went out and so I broke into their house and watched their PVRed east-coast feed at 7pm... but there was no one to talk to about the episode after, so I just left, did my grocery shopping, and came home. This also means that I'm considerably less drunk than usual too... will that help me better remember the episode?! PROBABLY NOT!

So, standard disclaimer still applies - I have only seen the episode once, while drinking, and quotes and maybe some sequences of events are going to be slightly off in this quick reaction. Please don't correct anything unless I'm WAY off to the point where it affects a major plot or character point.

I'll tell you another thing before the cut too... choosing a song from my iPod for the cut-text has never been easier, given the state of everyone's relationships...

Collapse )

Next episode isn't until the 18th, right?

As usual, let me know in comments what I missed or what you desperately need to talk about! :)