December 21st, 2013

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Update: I'm not dead!

I survived the flu!

I'm nearly back to health now, I just have a slight issue with not being able to eat much of anything. I'm really really hoping this resolves itself in the next day or so... otherwise, I'm going to have to buy a blender and figure out how to make protein shakes or something, because there's no possible way I'm consuming enough calories in a day right now. It's not like I'm throwing up or anything, it's just that my stomach doesn't like food anymore. I have two bites of something and it triggers the same brain response as though I just ate an entire buffet table and will explode any minute.

ANYWAY... while I was sick, I had a rare night of insomnia and wrote (sady, only in my head) so much of the goddamn Merlin fic that I've been working on that my motivation is on that fic right now. I want to get all the dialogue and ideas that I thought of that night typed while they're still relatively fresh.

Originally, I wanted to have it done by Christmas day, which is going to be the one year anniversary of the Merlin finale (which I hated)... even if I work on it as much as I can between now and then though, I'm not sure I'll get it done in time.

There's also the fact that I MIGHT want to get it beta-ed, not necessarily for story, but for grammar, spelling, and using-too-many-words-when-fewer-would-do. That being said, I'm HORRIBLY impatient and since this story is already going to be "late", I highly doubt that I'd be willing to wait for a beta. So, yeah, conflict!

So, we'll see.

And yes, I still have a whole 11 more episodes to go through on S8's rewatch. This is the slowest rewatch I have ever done, and I apologize. I don't know if it's because I'm being way too wordy, if I just don't manage my time as well as I used to, or if I'm actually just busier than I've been before, but... yeah, I wish things were different. The slower the rewatch is, the longer it'll be before the S8 clothing catalog is updated. At this rate, it'll probably be up by the time S9 is over and then people will start asking me when S9 will be up. :P

But hey, could be worse, I never did finish my rewatch of Sherlock S2. :P

Anyway, I hope you are all well!!

Oh, and if you guys weren't aware already Mark Oshiro, who runs Mark Watches and Mark Reads, started watching Supernatural back in October. He just finished S1 (the last two episode reviews will be going up this coming week). I talked about Mark here way back when he was still reading Harry Potter, but he's a really nice guy. His shtick is that he basically comes into books and shows almost completely unspoiled and not knowing what to expect, and then you watch him slowly descend into madness as he discovers the beauty and/or horror of whatever he whatever he is watching/reading. Anyway, I'm having great fun watching him watch Supernatural. (You can download videos of him watching the show). It's all the fun of introducing a friend to Supernatural, with none of them yelling at you to stop looking at them while they try to watch. ;)

If you weren't aware of Mark, and head over there to check him out, please pay attention to his spoiler policy before you comment. Even something as vague as "you'll understand that later..." is considered a spoiler. I think, the only thing Mark is spoiled on when it comes to Supernatural is the existence of angels (he knows there will eventually be an angel character) and the fact that the show can sometimes be problematic and that the fandom can sometimes be absolutely horrible. (Because Mark is active in many fandoms, and not shy in calling out problematic aspects of shows, characters, and writing, I find he tends to come across the worst people more frequently then usual.)

Okay, so, there's an update from me. Alive, drinking orange juice, and still trying to eat a muffin that I bought 6 hours ago.