December 4th, 2013

Crying Dean

Quick Reaction: 9x09 Holy Terror

I have had more wine than usual tonight... and it was red wine, so basically I've had so much wine that my teeth are now blue... more wine was consumed for obvious reasons to those who have watched the show.

So, standard disclaimer: I write this reaction after only watching the episode once (in this case, I watched it twice, but the second time I was mainly focusing on the live-tweets...and drinking more I'm afraid it's not going to help the memory problems.) Also, again, I have had a lot of wine. I'm not going to remember everything and I'm going to get quotes wrong - I am well aware of this.


Collapse )

Okay, well, that's it until January.

S8 Rewatches will recommence on the weekend. Sorry that I had to take a few weeks off. I've been having trouble balancing work and my psychological problems, but things should be better this month.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments! Let me know what you want to discuss further and what crucial bit of information I forgot to talk about completely! Again, LOTS OF WINE THIS EVENING! So, apologies all around, but I regret nothing.