November 27th, 2013


Quick Reaction: 9x08 Rock and a Hard Place


I'm exhausted tonight, so let's just get down to business... oh, but first: Please remember that I type these quick reactions up after only watching the episode once while drinking copious amounts of wine...and I usually type up the review an hour or two AFTER seeing the episode, so it's not even fresh in my mind. I am not going to remember every detail, nor every word. If I put something in quotation marks, it doesn't mean that's what was actually said - it just means that's the GENERAL IDEA of what was said. Last week, I had a lot of people correcting me, and while I know you guys are just trying to be helpful, it was unnecessary... I'd prefer to talk about the themes and characters than whether I got a line exactly right in something that I wrote while tired and tipsy. Unless it's a linchpin line for the entire plot, it doesn't matter.

Okay, reminder out of the way..., TO THE EPISODE:

Collapse )

As per usual, let me know what I missed or what you desperately would like to talk about in the comments!!

Oh, I should also say that Dean wore one of my favourite plaid shirts in this episode. It was really nice to see it again. It first made its appearance back in S3's Fresh Blood.