November 20th, 2013

Young Dean

Quick Reaction: 9x07 Bad Boys

Oh man! What an episode. It brought all of the Dean emotion... ALL OF IT....

But let's actually talk about the episode, shall we. I took notes this evening to help me remember, because I watched the show on the east-coast feed and then took off to see Hawksley Workman's play The God That Comes for the third time - because I really like that play, you guys. So, tonight's LJ cut lyrics come from the play...

Collapse )

So, let me know in comments what I missed, or anything you want to particularly talk about in more detail!

PS: If you're wondering why there were no rewatch posts last week, it's because I had to work all weekend. I'm behind on everything hobby-related now. So, rewatches MAY have to wait until December to start up again, we'll see. I might have to work this weekend too, and then I'm going down to the Seattle area for American Thanksgiving weekend.