November 6th, 2013

Ladles are funny

Quick Reaction: 9x05 Dog Dean Afternoon

Before we get to anything, I regret to inform you all that it's not looking good for the ol' iPod. Although it worked fine on the way to my friends house, when I left, it wouldn't do anything. I thought it was just out of batteries, but apparently not - I think.... I think it might be dead, you guys. It's a sad day. I've had that thing since 2008, where I bought it for $30 from a country music fan in a parking lot in the west end of Ottawa. We've had good times together.

Anyway, to lighter topics, let's actually talk about the episodes....because it was ridiculous and funny....

Collapse )

Anyway, fun episode. Not that much substance, mostly just ridiculous hijinks with very little effort put in to having anything seem realistic.

Next week looks to get back into some serious stuff, so perhaps this was our little reprieve.