October 16th, 2013


Quick Reaction: 9x02 Devil May Care

Alright!! So, I watched this episode on the east coast feed and then took off to a local Vancouver event for free drinks - so, not only did I watch the episode hours ago and I now have to remember it, but I've also been drinking since then...It's a good thing I'm unemployed, because I sound horribly irresponsible for a Tuesday night. But, come on, free booze!!

No song for the cut-text this week...so, ummm... maybe I'll use a quote from the show or something... I'll think about it while I type.

Collapse )

So, good episode!!

Let me know what I missed in comments!!

Mum says: Are you still typing about that one episode? You sure got a lot out of that one episode.
(She said that 15 minutes ago and has since said that she'll see me in the morning. I DID warn her that I'd be a horrible host on Supernatural night! She finished crocheting herself a scarf while I wrote this... seriously, it's been 2 hours. There is nothing "quick" about my "quick reaction.")