October 2nd, 2013

Dean/Books OTP

Crossover Writing Tip

Here's a tip for all you crossover writers out there, from me - take it how you will:

The joy of crossovers is watching your favourite characters get rediscovered by your other favourite characters. Most fanfiction presumes a level of shared knowledge between all characters, whereas crossovers take that away. Sure, Sam and Dean know that they've both been to hell, but Captain America doesn't know, he gets to learn that for the first time! And we get to see his reaction! Yay! That's what we came here for, whether we realize it or not.

So, if that's what we came here for, then you want to draw it out. It's like eating a desert or having sex - yeah, you could do it really quickly all at once then roll over and fall asleep and it gets the job done, but I'd bet you'd have a better time if you slowed down a little.

Basically, what I'm saying is that you should avoid info-dumps. And you should avoid them for three reasons:

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Anyway, my point is... bad crossovers annoy me.

PS: No, I am not writing a Supernatural/Avengers crossover - I just needed an example scenario and I didn't want to use any of the crossovers that I had written or may write in the future.

IN OTHER NEWS: My mum is coming to visit this weekend and we're all going over to the Island to see my sister, who recently moved there. So I probably won't be around - not that I've been around much lately anyway, but I will be EVEN MORE not around. I'll be back in time for the Supernatural season premiere though! Yay!