September 28th, 2013

Peace Out Bitches

Pet Peeves: The letter P does not have to be explained.

Listen Fic-Writers,

You don't have to tell me that someone is "popping the 'p'" when they say "yup" - it's in the word. Try saying "yup" WITHOUT popping the P. Seriously, TRY IT. YOU CAN'T.It's a P they POP, that's what Ps DO! When you take the time to unnecessarily explain it, it's like writing:

"Shhh" he said, making a shushing noise with his mouth.


"AAAAHHH!" he screamed, loudly demonstrating the sound of the first letter of the alphabet.


"Hello," he said, pushing air through his vocal chords while using his mouth and tongue in such a way that the resulting sound waves formed the standard greeting in his culture.

...okay, now I'm just making myself laugh.

P.S: Sorry I haven't been around much. My schedule is all fucked up these days. I should be around an annoying amount in October to make up for it, so don't worry!