August 29th, 2013

The Boys in BC

VanCon 2013: Unofficial Location Tours

As I mentioned in my Friday Report, I had the privilege of going on an unofficial location walking-tour with John Marcynuk (Production Designer). He took us a LOT of places and told us a lot of things. It was all very interesting, though I wasn't taking notes, so now it's hard to remember. I took pictures of SOME of the places though - so I will share those.

Also, on Monday I went around the greater Vancouver area with raloria and metallidean_grl on our own little locations tour. So, I'm including those pictures in this post as well.

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As I said before, if you're desperate to know where EXACTLY any of this stuff is, just let me know, and in my spare time I'll track down the coordinates for you.

Still to come: VFX(non)Con write-up.