August 18th, 2013

Sneaky Castiel

Polka with Misha

So, here's something that happened last week...

It didn't happen to me though. I, unfortunately, was stuck at an airport for 4 hours and then stuck on a plane for 5 more hours.... but while I was doing that, my friend Kathleen was at a GISHWHES event where they were tasked with making a safety pin chain.

And then Misha told the crowd that he wanted everyone to polka, and then asked if anyone actually knew how to polka. Kathleen, without turning around to actually look at Misha, raised her hand enthusiastically. Kathleen grew up with the polka, loves polka, and did I mention that she loves to polka? (Kathleen: "The polka is the dance of my people :) Thanks to Mom and Dad, I've been doing this dance since before I could walk - so my whole life I've been training for this!...Seriously, I've been doing the polka pretty much since I learned how to walk. If you are wearing Lederhosen, sir, you are guaranteed at LEAST one dance with me!")

The next thing she knew, Misha was tapping her on the shoulder and asking her if she would like to polka with him.

The funniest thing (IMO) is that in recounting it, Kathleen admits that she was so excited about polka that she forgot to be excited about dancing with Misha... or as she put it in an email:

" the time I was all like "AW YEAH POLKA" and part way through it became "Misha? Polka? Polka? Misha?" kinda like The Tick and pockets.  Well, exactly like that, as I just wandered around aimlessly after, unable to form sentences. "

(And for those of you who don't know the Tick reference, look it up! You are missing out on one of the greatest moments in comic history.)

She added:  "So glad he was wearing the aviators so I didn't go all "deer in the headlights" when faced with those eyes."

For those who are curious, Kathleen reports that Misha polkas "very well" and she was mostly distracted by how soft his hands were.

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