August 16th, 2013


Autograph Decisions

VanCon is swiftly approaching, and once again I have left figuring out what  to get signed to the last minute.

Right now, my plan is to get everyone to sign different pages of "The Essential Supernatural" huge coffee-table book... which I bought even though I really thought they should have waited for the series to end before they published something like that.

Ty Ollsen isn't in that book though (it only covers Seasons 1-7), so I'll have to hope they have a good headshot of him as Benny for sale at the Con, I guess.

I have a couple options for Jared, Jensen, and Misha though... so maybe you guys can help me decide.

Recently, my friend K bought me a really sweet On The Head of A Pin poster by Bruce Loves You. I don't actually want signatures ON the poster, because in my opinion that'll ruin the poster. But I was thinking maybe Jared, Jensen, and Misha could sign the BACK of the poster. When I eventually get it framed, you wouldn't be able to see the signatures, but I'd know they were there.

The second option is just to have them sign The Essential Supernatural book too, probably on the pages that are devoted to them or their character.

The third option depends on what pictures Creation is selling at the Con. I REALLY like the picture that I got them to sign at my first convention - the only problem with it is that by the time I got the signature, their sharpies were running out, so their signatures are really faint. So, I've often thought that if Creation ever sold that same picture again (the one where the boys are watching TV - I like the meta-ness of it), then I'd launch a second attempt at getting a better copy.

The fourth option is to do something else entirely, but I'm not sure what.

Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts, let me know.