August 14th, 2013

Bobby says we're morons

Still alive....

Oh man, why do I always seem to think that I'll get stuff done on my vacations?! I've been busy as all heck for the past three weeks, but have I gotten any writing done? Nope. Any fandom projects? Hell no.

Seriously, I need to go back to Vancouver and get back to work, just so that I can have time for my hobbies again.

In fairness, I did make a laundry closet and put together shelves for my mum, assemble a sauna (for my mum), go to a 4 day music festival, and spent quality time with friends and family (including the lovely ratherastory!)... but yeah, I've only written a page, spent a few hours researching for the new novel idea , and watched 4 episodes of Teen Wolf (and 2 of those were just on the train back from Montreal today.)

The good news for you guys is that I fly back to Vancouver on Thursday - so after that I should be back to my regularly scheduled fandom-related hobbies.

The bad news for me is that I start working again on Friday.... back to the job I hate, working for the contracting company that is frustrating beyond belief... and who is going to be pissed at me when they realize that there's no way I can meet my call-up days for my current contract. Of course, the good news there is that I've decided to quit at the end of September, even though I don't have anything else lined up. I'm just sick of it. So, after that I should have PLENTY of time for fandom related things as I slowly sink into unemployed despair when I'm inevitably unable to find another job because I have no skills in any other field. :P

Also, the VERY good news is VanCon is soon!! I will once again be trying to keep you all informed with overly lengthy reports. :)
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