July 15th, 2013


Prompt Results (also: I'm not dead yet!)

Hey! I'm still alive!

I've traveled to the other side of my country (well, the central-east, really - not the COMPLETE other side). I'll be here until mid-August, hanging out in the heat with the mosquitoes (and wondering why I love it here). Anyway, it means that in the evenings I've been hanging out with my mother and (soon) will be hanging out with friends too.

I'm actually still working this week, but next week I'll officially be on vacation - so hopefully I can devote my days to super fun things. Like putting my plot-bunnies in the Merlin fandom to bed, watching Teen Wolf, and figuring out if my Sassy-fic idea is salvageable or not.... not to mention researching for my potential fantasy novel.... and of course, on top of that I'll also be helping my mum with some stuff, visiting with friends, and possibly buying archery equipment.

It's probably going to be a relatively quiet summer for me when it comes to LJ - with the exception of VanCon, but don't worry, I'll probably more than make up for it in the fall.

Anyway... a couple weeks ago I did a prompt meme and a few of you were kind enough to participate. Here are the results:


The one where Sally Donovan met Mycroft Holmes for the first time.


The Changing Channels show or commercial that, by mutual agreement, all involved (Dean, Sam, Gabriel...Cas?) pretended never happened?

That story where Sam and Dean are kids and have to hide a body.


Nate Story: Teddy twigs to Nate's crush on Sam


Clint and Natasha

Original Fiction (Title TBD Fantasy novel)

Essya is not putting up with your bullshit