July 2nd, 2013



It's getting increasingly difficult to refrain from watching Teen Wolf.

I basically spend all Monday night and Tuesday scrolling tumblr and yelling "Why aren't people making more gifs?!?" and then sort of realizing that I won't be satisfied until I see a gif of the entire episode... and that, my friends, is usually just called "the episode."

I was going to wait until S3 was over.... but damn, I love werewolves, I love campy shows, I love campy werewolves...

So, I think the new plan is to 1)Watch Tangled (because I downloaded it yesterday) 2)finish S1 of White Collar (which I'm enjoying, but not passionately), and then 3)Start watching Teen Wolf from the beginning... with an optional step 4)Try to avoid the desire to write TW fanfiction, because, I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS FOOLISHNESS!