May 1st, 2013

Real Bros

SPN Wardrobe Score

For the last two days I've been keeping a secret - and I hope those friends who are in Vancouver forgive me, but...

Supernatural held an "overstocked" wardrobe liquidation sale today. Studios do these types of sales a lot after shows/movies wrap (for the season or completely)... usually, I never hear about them and so I miss them. This year, I happened to find out that Supernatural was doing a wardrobe sale.

I think anyone who reads this journal would realize that there was no way I would be missing a SPN wardrobe sale!

Before you get too excited - there weren't many Sam and Dean clothes for sale. I'm guessing it's because the boys aren't going to be naked in S9 (disappointing, I know). That being said, I did manage to get some very cool things...

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Now, only a couple of hours left until Supernatural airs on the east coast... yay!

Quick Reaction: 8x21 The Great Escapist

Man, Edlund always brings the goods, doesn't he?

Just like last week, I was able to watch the show on the east-coast feed and PVR it... which means that I can actually watch it back when I type this. (And timeline as I go.) I'm also going to be eating dinner though, so most likely by the time I finish, it'll be just like I watched it on the west-coast feed like normal.

I should warn you that I'm also exhausted and most likely going to drink while I eat dinner - so...yeah... I'll probably be channeling some of our more run-down intrepid heroes....Therefore, you will actually get song lyrics this week, because I was singing this song anyway...

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I hope you all enjoyed the episode as much as I did! Let us now discuss it in comments!!