April 30th, 2013


What TV Show Should I Watch?

Now that Merlin is over and since Sherlock hardly counts as a show - how shall I supplement my TV watching experience this summer while Supernatural is on hiatus?

I was thinking maybe Spartacus, but I'm a little worried that it's too gory for me. I have a hard time with gore, even when it's stylized. I've also heard that it's pretty damn sexy though, which is a bonus. I'm very much of the European sensibility when it comes to sex and violence: sex=good, violence=bad.

On the other hand, I've been reading Teen Wolf fanfiction recently, because I love me some werewolves. My worry with Teen Wolf is that I've heard that the fanfic is actually better than the show....or that, at the very least, the fanfic is NOTHING like the show - so just because I like the fanfic doesn't mean that I'll like the show, or I might be setting myself up for disappointment one way or another anyway.

Then there's Warehouse 13, which was recommended to me, but I don't know anything about - besides, um... there's a warehouse? And it has to do with aliens or supernatural or something? And one of the actresses has a sexy deep voice in real life.

White Collar - someone recommended this to me possibly two years ago... I never watched it, but it was recommended solely because I enjoy threesome dynamics. Other than containing a possible threesome (at least in fanfic), I don't know anything about its quality though.


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What Should I Watch?

Teen Wolf
Warehouse 13
White Collar
Other (I'll tell you in comments)

If you want to recommend another show to me, keep in mind the following:
1) Sex is good, violence is bad!
2) I deal with rape a lot at work and I don't like it in my entertainment.
3) I actually prefer shows that have been on the air for a while and have proven to either be consistent in quality or increase in quality as they age. So, just like when recommending fanfic - when possible, avoid WIPs or at least only recommend WIPs that are definitely going to update to a satisfying conclusion.