April 13th, 2013



For the life of me I can't come up with anything for today's prompt.

Prompt: "on the avenue"

Here's "avenue" from the online etymological dictionary, in case that helps:

c.1600, "a way of approach" (originally a military word), from Middle French avenue "way of access," from Old French avenue "act of approaching, arrival," noun use of fem. of avenu, past participle of avenir "to come to, arrive," from Latin advenire "to come to," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + venire "to come" (see venue). Meaning shifted to "a way of approach to a country-house," usually bordered by trees, hence, "a broad, tree-lined roadway" (1650s), then to "wide, main street" (by 1846, especially in U.S.).

Any ideas?

So far the strongest idea I had was another variation of Arthur's return... but, I also briefly thought of Sherlock's future house in Sussex... and then there's always more original fic I could write.

Or I could pull from yalumesse's prompt list at random... and using a random number generator, I get #13:

13. is about a minor character from the POV of a major character

But, I have no ideas for that either... blah... maybe I just need a day off?

April Ficlet: Zombie (Supernatural)

 It's still April 13th where I am! Thanks to borgmama1of5 for the additional suggestions when I couldn't think of anything for the prompt.

So, this ficlet is based on two prompts:

Prompt #1: On the avenue
Prompt #2: A major character thinking about a minor character.

(Supernatural, 7x12 coda, 418 words)
A/N: I know 7x12 had a deleted scene that negates this coda, but since it was a deleted scene, I can officially ignore its existence for fic purposes.

Collapse )