April 11th, 2013


April Ficlet: Bangkok (Sherlock)

An even shorter one today, mainly because I had absolutely no idea what to do with the prompt. I could either have Sam and Dean have a conversation about raunchy place names, or I could do another Traveling!Sherlock fic. I went with the latter, because the former required too much research and work and I'm busy. :P

Prompt: Bangkok, Thailand

(Sherlock, post-reichenbach, pre-S3, 129 words)


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Dean/Books OTP

Timeline Fun: 8x18 and 8x19

I decided to timeline the previous two episodes of SPN this evening... and while I don't actually have any dates for them, I did discover some interesting information. And I thought, hey, might as well share now while it's still topical instead of waiting until the seasons over. (Plus, it's hiatus, and I miss chatting with your guys whenever there's a hiatus.)


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Now, of course, take all the Purgatory/Hell time reasoning with a grain of salt.  I'm measuring them here based on how much time is passing on earth - we don't actually know how time/space works in these locations; they seem to be fluid things that can change at whim.