February 17th, 2013


Question: 30 Day Writing Meme?

Hello Everybody,

You know those 30 day memes? Like... "what's your favourite character?", "what was your first fandom?", etc.... Does anyone know if there's a 30 meme out there for WRITING? Wherein you have to write a drabble a day to a specific prompt/subject/fandom/whatever on each of the 30 days?

I think I've seen some 30 fanart memes on tumblr... but I don't think I've ever seen a 30 writing meme, but I thought it might be fun to do one.

Not that I don't have enough to do, or anything. I'm already working on a story or two, plus there's the novel that I'm supposed to be revising, the rewatch of Hounds of Baskerville that I haven't even started, not to mention the countless things you guys probably WISH I were doing that I'm not even thinking about. Also I have to work for a living, eat, sleep at night, and it's nice to occasionally spend an evening with my friends.

But yeah... I guess I was just curious if there was a good 30 day writing meme out there.

ETA: Okay! It's not a 30 day writing meme - but elliemurasaki recommended daily_prompt over on DW, and I love it! It has a nice mix of different prompts - single words, photos, quotes, settings... So I think I'm going to do that one. Now I just have to decide when and for how long!