February 15th, 2013

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Book Review: Immortal Lycanthropes by Hal Johnson

I originally bought this book after I saw it reviewed on Boing Boing. To tell you the truth though, I didn't need a positive review in order to want to buy it - the title alone was enough to sell me. (And don't read the reviews on Amazon.com, btw: they give away the twists in the story, because amazon customer reviewers are little shits sometimes even when they're leaving 5 star reviews...I'm really glad that I didn't read them before I read the book).

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All in all, a very enjoyable and quick read. I'm a sucker for therianthropes of course, so I might be a little biased - but I'm also a sucker for books that are fun without talking down to the audience, and use ridiculous premises to talk about morality, the turning of history, and the existence, or non-existence, of innocence.