February 14th, 2013


Quick Reaction: 8x14 Trail and Error

Quite the episode tonight! So much to talk about, that even before I start, I feel like I've missed half of it.

Collapse )

And that's all I remember at this point! It's 1am and I am getting sleepy though (the wine has worn off, and the fact that I actually put in a full day of work earlier is catching up to me... the little red X on my calendar telling me that I deserve sleep)... so, I'm probably forgetting a ton of things that would be wonderful to talk about! Please let me know what they are in comments, and I will slack off a bit from work tomorrow to talk about them with you!

ETA: I also just made three separate spelling mistakes in the last paragraph that I had to go in and edit... I'm not even going to check over the rest, but I have a feeling that as my tiredness grew, so did my spelling/homonym errors. So, I apologize and just assume that I have something to apologize for. (I'm Canadian... in case you didn't know... I also apologize for that too, just while I'm apologizing).

[Question about next week's promo]Next week's promo talked about "an old friend" but I didn't recognize him or his name.... did anyone else? Or is he an "old friend" like "an old friend we have not mentioned until now" type of "old friend"?