February 9th, 2013

Think Sam Think!

Question for those interested in my Merlin/SPN fic...

As some of you know, I'm writing a Merlin/Supernatural crossover at the moment. It's going to be roughly 20-24k words... maybe longer. It takes place in the Merlin universe. 

Now, my question to you is: Should I change Merlin canon???

I only ask, because I started writing this fic before Merlin ended. And...well... I hated the end of Merlin. I thought it was bad writing (not so much the dialogue and the characters, but rather the plot of the final season.) So, on the one hand, I could change all that... or at least, leave it ambiguous enough that the reader could imagine that everything changed. On the other hand, I usually stick with canon in these crossovers and that's what orders them and keeps them believable and satisfying (in my opinion.) But if the canon isn't satisfying....then, maybe I should change it?

It'd mean rewriting a little of what I've done already, but not actually that much when it comes right down to it. The major changes would be to the bit that I haven't written yet anyway.

(I also still have to decide where in Supernatural's timeline Sam and Dean are going to be.)

Anyway, any thoughts would be appreciated.

PS: I know I've been writing a lot slower these days than I used to in the past... but in the past I was under- and unemployed, and these days I'm actually working full time. So, I'm finding it a bit more difficult to find time to write. I know I just have to make a better routine of it though, so I'm working on that. I haven't been working on the poor novel at all, even though I think I have a good strategy for fixing at least some of the problems. What I should really do is stop reading other peoples fanfiction. I spend far too much time doing that, I suppose. I'll shut-up now.