February 2nd, 2013

Irene Kiss

Rewatch: Sherlock - A Scandal in Belgravia (Part 1)

This entire thing clocks in at 22,000 words. But, keep in mind, a lot of that is dialogue so that you know what specific part of the episode I'm talking about.

If you want to view/download the entire thing: click here. I apologize in advance for the font. I used the same one from my blog, but apparently that looks quite cartoony when in a word document. I don't know why. Suggestions for better fonts are welcome.

This season, Gatiss and Moffat decided to tackle the big stories while also theme-ing the episodes. So, we get "Sherlock and Love", "Sherlock and Fear", and "Sherlock and Death."

I actually see these episodes as ALL "Sherlock and Love" or at least Love, Love-Fear and Sad-Love, because really, what's death besides the really really depressing part of love?

Standard Disclaimer: As usual, I talk a lot about love, and being "in love" etc....and, as usual, I don't necessarily mean romantic love. If you are a huge shipper though, you can feel free to pretend that I mean the sort of love that leads to sexy-times. Personally though, I'm a stickler for canon, so I actually just mean love without the addition of sex. I tend to side with Moffat on this one: “Fancying someone is about how you spend your night. Loving someone is about how you spend your life.”

Scandal in Belgravia!

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Part 2