January 19th, 2013


Busy busy busy...

I have to work full time during the month of January. Usually I work 4 days a week (which is technically still full time), but this month I have to work five. So, I find myself with considerably less time for fandom related stuff. Especially since this past week I lost nearly all of my evenings, granted, one of them was for SPN, but STILL... Show is getting in the way of writing things about Show. :P

This weekend, I'm cat/house-sitting for a friend of a friend...who happens to be a film critic. So, I'm sitting around with a stack of screener DVDs, so of course I'm not working on my hobbies...I'm watching movies!

But I digress, for the record, this is the stuff on my blog that is coming up in the NEAR future: 
1. Supernatural/Merlin fic
2. Sherlock "Scandal" rewatch (I wanted to do this before the end of January, but I've only done a rough write-up of the first 8 minutes so far...so we'll see. A typical Sherlock rewatch takes me about 10 hours, and I usually can't handle more than 1 hour in a sitting.)

In the distant future, there will be another resource project, maybe more fic? and more Sherlock...and beyond that, I can't make any promises.

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