January 10th, 2013

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PCA Wins and Random UK English Question...


Congrats to Supernatural on winning the Favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy award at the PCAs tonight. And congrats to the fandom for voting ourselves favourite TV fandom. We deserve this honour we have painstakingly bestowed upon ourselves! And that sounds sarcastic but I actually mean it. To prove it, here is my acceptance speech:

I would like to thank my sister for telling me that Supernatural existed and insisting that I should give it a shot, even though I was reluctant, without her, who knows what I would be doing with my life. Most importantly though, I would like to thank the Supernatural Family for being the most welcoming fandom, and therefore the first fandom that made me want to be a contributing member instead of just the lurker that I had always been. Thank you for voting for me, as I voted for you, and we all voted for each other. :)

Alright, that still sounds sarcastic, but I swear to god that I'm being sincere.

In more cynical PCA reaction - is it weird that part of me is a little glad that Jensen and Jared lost to Nathan Fillion? I mean, it would have been wonderful if we had gotten them an award in that category too - but I also can't help being cynical and imaging the *insert adjective* fans that would complain that J deserved the award more than J, and all the wank that would then ensue. Nathan Fillion is an awesome "You can't make us chose between our boys" alternative in my opinion.

ETA: Also, I should just say: As someone who is often more turned on by clothing than I am by people...holy CRAP Jared, Jensen, Danneel, and Genevieve were gorgeous at the PCAs! And they all coordinated their outfits!! At first, I thought that Danneel was the odd one out, until I realized that she had painted her nails to match Jensen's suit (and therefore Jared's tie and Genevieve's dress.) BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ALL OF THEM. Plus, Danneel looks fantastic for... I'm going to guess, four months preggos?  I'd demand that they all marry each other, but they basically already have.


What do you call a TV remote? Is it a TV remote? A controller? A clicker? A fidwidget? 

I figure you guys have digital recorders...do you call them something special? In the states, they call them DVRs and in Canada we call them PVRs. I've just called it "the digital recorder."

When you guys refer to the TV, do you say TV, or do you always call it the Tele? Telly? How do you even spell that. 

Maybe it doesn't matter... or maybe I should have this fic brit-picked. Or maybe I should just publish it and force my Canadianisms on everyone. At the very least, I was smart enough to correct sidewalk to pavement, and curb to kerb.