January 2nd, 2013


Fight Co-Ordination: I am not good at it.

Well, if my bad knees and lack of training didn't cinch it, my lack of ability to co-ordinate a fight would: I will never be a stunt man or fight choreographer. :P

For one of the stories I'm writing, I have to write a fight involving 4 good guys and 2 bad guys. Good guy #1 has to do something stupid that puts him directly in harm's way. Good guy #2 has to get a minor injury (optional). Good guy #3 has to perform magic from the sidelines to save Good guy #1 without being seen (obviously, this is Merlin). Good guy #4 has to do something so that he's not a waste of space. Bad guy #2 has to somehow sneak up on them after they take out bad guy #1. 

I cannot figure out how to do it. And it is driving me nuts.

Writing is hard.