December 17th, 2012

Don't Litter

Pet Peeves: Podfic Batman Voices and Perfection

1. For the past two (working) days, my job has required absolutely no thought whatsoever, so I was able to start listening to podfic again while I worked. (Sadly, I've now completed that task, so it's back to only listening to things that I can zone in and out of.) Anyway, my point is this:

Dear Podficcers,
I love you. I really appreciate all the time you put in to turning good stories into recordings so that my horrible job is a little less horrible. That being said, please do not try to imitate Dean/Jensen's batman voice...please, don't lower your voice and try to imitate any man's voice. I am able to understand and imagine the words in his voice even if I am hearing them in yours - and I much prefer having a greater range of emotion in the dialogue than "monotone head-cold". I'm just saying - you're own speaking voice is LOVELY podficcers, I would like you to use it for all characters.
All my best,

2. This is actually not so much a pet peeve as something that makes me highly uncomfortable...

I absotely hate it when people call someone "perfect" or "flawless". This is a huge problem if I decide to hang out on tumblr, I've discovered. It makes me extremely uncomfortable. I get what you are trying to say, "Jensen is perfect" means that you think he is beautiful, a good actor, and a nice person. I would just prefer if people said "Jensen is beautiful, a good actor, and a nice person." To me, calling someone perfect is actually really dehumanizing...because no one is perfect and therefore, in my mind, "Jensen is perfect" translates to "Jensen is not a person" or more accurately, "Jensen is not allowed to be human."

I guess... I guess this is the whole "objectifying" thing...only, I know that's not what people are trying to do/say, but it's exactly how I interpret it... and I'm not joking when I say it makes me "highly uncomfortable" - I seriously feel a little sick to my stomach whenever I read it. I'm not sure what to do about it, because it seems to just be part of the lingo out there on the internet. Anyway, I just wanted to complain about it, because it drives me crazy... and I guess it might be a little ridiculous? I mean, seriously, "Jensen is perfect" gives me the same visceral reaction as someone saying "Jensen is a faggot" or "Jennifer Lawrence is a cunt"...I mean, how completely ridiculous is my brain? But that's exactly what it does. It's sort of like each "Jensen is perfect" is another piece of wood for the stake that you are eventually going to burn him at for actually being human and not perfect at all... and I'm just sitting here watching that thing being built and thinking "no no, this is all wrong!!!" but no one is listening to me because I'm that crazy person in the village that no one ever listens to because I'm crazy.