December 10th, 2012


Ugh, me...


How much horsepower do you think the Impala has? And I am talking HORSEpower.


So, I've been writing this Merlin/SPN crossover...and I got to about 12,000 words, and then tonight I went to write and I'm like "hmm, what scene am I writing next? Maybe I should outline the rest of this thing so that I'm more organized about this." So, I outlined. My OUTLINE is more than 1,000 words!   This crossover doesn't even have a point! It's actually pretty dumb - it's more like an episode of Merlin than an episode of SPN. WHY IS IT SO LONG?

Oh man... anyway, yeah... now I'm all annoyed at myself, because I'm going to spend forever writing this thing, and it's probably going to disappoint everyone, because it's mostly about Merlin. (Mainly because unlike the demented'verse, Sam and Dean's angst doesn't matter in the slightest... I don't have them learning anything about themselves or each other by hanging out with Arthur and Merlin.) I mean, that might change. I could always sit on it to see what happens in the rest of S8, because maybe there's some Sam and Dean storyline that I could thread through...but at this point it's not looking likely. So, I kind of just have Sam and Dean from unknown-season where they're getting along and don't have an axe hanging over their head.

Third..., yeah... in other news, I've been writing more demented'verse in my head... a story that I THOUGHT I could set in S8 of Supernatural, but sadly, I did the timeline math wrong and I'm going to have to wait until S9 :( ... which really sucks, because I want to write it NOW, but I need to know what SPN's plot is going to be so that I can work it in properly. And I don't have any ideas whatsoever for a story that could happen sooner., sorry demented'verse fans. I am as disappointed as you are. :(

Man, I am a bundle of bad news today.
[blatherings about timelines and the HP epilogue]Also, did anyone else notice that J.K. Rowlings timeline doesn't make sense? If Victoire was conceived/born shortly after the war was won, that would make her about a year younger than Teddy. So, that would put her a grade below Teddy. Now, the epilogue happens 19 years later, which would make her 18 and graduated why is Teddy kissing her on the train as though he's seeing her off? Or is she there to see her sister off and he's just kissing her for the hell of it? Anyway...yeah, unless I totally did the math wrong there too.  ETA: Okay, that was me messing up, apparently Victoire was named Victoire because she was born on May 2nd, but not necessarily the year after the war, which means that her having already graduated by the time the epilogue rolls around in the demented'verse is actually just me messing up the timeline AGAIN. Sigh. I try to hard to be canon compliant, and yet I still fail. I should point out (once again) that the entire demented'verse is a year off from conventional Harry Potter timeline dates, because I totally thought the battle of Hogwarts took place in 1998. :P