November 1st, 2012

Peace Out Bitches

Rewatch S7: Survival of the Fittest (7x23)


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Sera Gamble and Robert (Bob) Singer. Woo!

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Thank you so much for joining me for this S7 rewatch. :)

If Clothes Could Talk will slowly start to be updated over the next month or so, my goal is to have it done by Christmas (which should be fairly easy compared to doing the rewatch in one month.... I swear, it was like having a second far-more-enjoyable full-time job.)

I've also been debating whether I should make my metas/rewatches available in PDF form. So, if you want to weigh in on that concept, please do.

I figure I'll start in on my S2 Sherlock rewatches possibly in January to commemorate them starting to film S3. :P