October 31st, 2012


Technically I made the deadline, but officially I probably won't...

So, I've watched 7x23 (with and without commentary) and I have my preliminary notes, but I haven't gone through and "filled it out" yet. It's currently nearly 12:30am... and typing up my notes and thoughts into post-able form takes upwards of 2 hours, sometimes more.

I also have to work tomorrow - and then watch the new episode of Supernatural and talk about THAT.

So, what I'm saying is that although I've technically finished my rewatch before November like I wanted to. The actual final post probably won't be up until Thursday...evening...late....basically Friday.

Just thought I would let you guys know. I wanted to have it all done tonight, but it's just not going to happen...not if I want to do a relatively decent job of it.