October 24th, 2012

Churchyards Yawn

Quick Reaction: 8x04 Bitten

Okay, so usually, I watch the episode at my friends place, and we have dinner and dessert and chat, and then I come home and I write my Quick Reaction before I read what anyone else thinks.

Today, I watched the episode with my friend as usual, but then I came home for dinner - which meant that while I ate, I skimmed through twitter and tumblr to see people's reactions.

It appears that this is an episode for which I may have to remind you of my LJ commenting rule: 

I like to like things. Please keep in mind that excess negativity will not be received fondly by me. It's okay to not like something, but please keep it simple when you tell me so, "I didn't like it" will suffice. I won't argue with you, because that's your opinion. Likewise, I would kindly ask you not to argue with me if I say "I liked it." Also, not that any of you do this, but please don't be overly negative about the individual actors. That always really annoys me.

So, now that that's taken care of... let's talk about the episode! Because I liked it.

Collapse )

And that's that...next week, HALLOWEEN! I don't think the episode is halloween themed though.