October 17th, 2012

Sam strung-out

Rewatch S7: Repo Man (7x15)

Okay, time for them to finally come back to the storyline that I had been wanting since 7x02...

Oddly enough, I didn't take many initial notes as I watched this (ie: transcribed less dialogue), so we'll see how long this ends up being after I go through and remember what I wanted to say...

WARNING: I discuss rape.

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And there we have it. Because tomorrow (today?) is Wednesday and I'll be watching the new episode of S8, there won't be another rewatch until Thursday at the earliest. :)

Quick Reaction: 8x03 Heartache

We had a very good time watching this episode tonight :) 

So, let's see what I remember!

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I'm not spoilered for next episode, besides the preview, and I don't want to be...but I hope it's as good as this one. I'm definitely interested in the style it seems to be filmed in. :)