October 11th, 2012

Bobby Ex Machina

Rewatch S7: Death's Door (7x10)


Ahem, I mean...please join me in this rewatch of Death's Door...

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This time with Jim Beaver and Steven Williams! They are delightful and well-spoken men, so I actually don't add much to the conversation below, I just quote my favourite bits and write down a few tidbits they give us.

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And there you have it... next time, we move back to episodes that aren't as perfect as this one....

I should say, however, that after I typed up "Time for Wedding" I had this wonderful dream where I got to caress Sam Winchester's face a lot (consensual, of course ;) )...so, you know, it's not all bad reviewing episodes that you might not be particularly fond of!

I slept in so late today that I am now going to go make dinner at 11:30pm... oh adulthood, I am not good at you.