October 6th, 2012


Rewatch S7: The Mentalists (7x07)

A short one today... or at least, short in comparison to some of the others.

The Mentalists. This is the one I saw filming - which was loads of fun...

Collapse )

Anyway, there we go! The Winchesters are back together and hitting the road, which means that next time, I've got to tackle the can of worms that is Season 7, Time For A Wedding... oh dear.

ETA: Oh, I should also add that I had a great birthday! My friends took me out to Hart House for dinner - most of you will know Hart House because it served as the location of the fancy party that Sam, Dean, and Bela attended in Red Sky at Morning back in S3. Sadly, although the food was very delicious, there was no Dean and Sam Winchester in tuxedos at my birthday dinner. ;)