September 28th, 2012


Rewatch S7: Hello, Cruel World (7.02)

Before I get into this week's episode, let's talk about some clothes from 7x01!

Interesting fact #1: The jacket Sam is wearing when he first sees Hallucination!Lucifer is the same jacket he was wearing when he fell into the pit. I highly doubt this helps.

Interesting fact #2: At some point before Sam's episode in the basement, he had the time to go buy a new shirt.

Okay, on with the rewatch...

This one is written by Ben Edlund, who is awesome...and it is perhaps my favourite episode in the entire season.

Collapse )

And thus ends 7x02... coming (probably late tomorrow), will be 7x03. Let me know in comments if there's anything about the episode I did not talk about that you think I should have.