August 23rd, 2012

The Boys in BC

VanCon 2012 Begins Tomorrow!

Well, technically it began today, but not for me. Several lucky people, including missyjack, got to go on the Location Tour and see the Supernatural backlot. I am beyond jealous, as that's something I had been hoping to see last year, but sadly there was filming on the backlot that day and we couldn't go...also, as some of you may remember, it was the day that the backlot caught fire. In an unrelated event since then, the backlot was shut-down because WorkSafe BC declared it too hazardous - but, I know there was a large budget movie coming to town that was going to fix it up, so I guess that happened. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the reports...

I'm going for early registration tonight. And then the festivities kick off tomorrow :)

I was pleased with mostly all of my photo-ops last year, so I've decided not to get any this year. I don't need more than one picture of me and the boys, no matter how nice it is to hug them for three seconds. 

I'm looking forward to seeing Mark Sheppard and Julian Richings. I've been debating whether I want to get an autograph ticket for Sheppard (his autograph isn't included in my ticket, like the others are.) Right now, I'm thinking that yes, I probably do...I don't have anything special for him to sign, sadly, so hopefully Creation has something nice.

The part you care about is probably my reports usual, I'll be bringing my notebook and taking copious amounts of notes whenever I get a spare minute. This year, I also (for once) have a good quality camera. So, I'm going to try to take some good pictures (hopefully). I'm sitting FAIRLY far back (while still in the gold section) so I'm not sure how good my line of sight is going to be. I also don't want to sacrifice EXPERIENCING the Con for the sake of getting pictures. So, we'll see. Although my camera does take good videos, I'm not going to be attempting to videotape. I'll leave that to people who are more experienced with hiding from the volunteers that walk around and tell you to stop.

With the Gold Ticket, I don't get as much time to type up my notes as I had when I had the silver, although I usually try to get the reports out on the same day as I get them, it might be that you'll get all three days posted on Monday.

So, to those who are going to VanCon, I look forward to seeing you there! To those who aren't going, I'll do my best to take notes for you and be a good little reporter. :)

If you are going to VanCon and you want to say hello, I'll be sitting in H23. It's easy to remember, because H stands for "Hells Half Acre" and 23 is my age of maturity. :P