July 3rd, 2012


Things I'll be posting shortly...

Okay, so, I'm busy getting ready to fly back east for a month, but I thought I'd let you know what I have in the works...

Soon I will post a massive Merlin meta. It is currently around 5,000 words, and I haven't talked about S4 yet. I'm hoping the 5 of you who have seen Merlin will enjoy it. It's about the Merlin-Arthur friendship, but I also talk about Lancelot, Gwaine, Gwen, and non-sexual threesomes - so there's something for everyone!

After that, I'll watch The Blind Banker and post another (hopefully a little less epic) Sherlock Rewatch post. 

Then, I might write a Merlin fic...or maybe I'll write a Supernatural/Merlin crossover fic...or maybe I won't write anything.

(Sidenote: Did you know that when I posted my Merlin/Sherlock crossover fic, people misread it and thought that I had written Sherlock/Merlin slash? Spoiler: I didn't.)

That should bring us to August. At which point I will be VERY BUSY...and I might not get anything else done until after VanCon. (I'm currently in a Schrodinger cat scenario with a ticket...in that at the moment, I both have a ticket and do not have a ticket. It's a waiting game to see if the money went through and if I didn't get swindled by a Spaniard. Please note: I do not think I am getting swindled by a Spaniard. I'm mostly just worried about the banks screwing up the wire transfer.)

Anyway, once August is over, I will watch rewatch Sherlock's The Great Game...and then the Supernatural DVDs will come out and I'll do a Supernatural Rewatch and update the clothing catalogue....and then it'll be Christmas, and I'll go watch the Hobbit and tell you what I thought.

This will bring us to 2013...

Jeezus. And here I thought I never planned for the future! (Note: I'm in a dead-end career and I have no idea what I will do for money in the future...but at least I know what my blog will look like!)

Anyway, I'm going to Vancouver Island this weekend, so I'll have a 4 day no-internet vacation. Try not to do anything exciting while I'm away.