April 15th, 2012

Irene Kiss

Sherlock fic communities anyone?

Uh, the ONLY Sherlock-bbc community that I flisted (sherlockbbc) has gone on hiatus for the next month because of some wank or something (I seriously am not involved enough in any fandom to know what wank goes on, and I like it that way...)

My problem is that it's my ONLY source for Sherlock fic. And now I won't have any until May 6th...which, you know, might be alright. It's not like I've been reading a ton of Sherlock fic lately anyway...and it's only two weeks or something...

But, I probably shouldn't be putting all my eggs in one basket like this. So, does anyone know of other awesome fic communities for Sherlock? I like gen or John/Sherlock and nothing else. Suggestions welcome!