March 29th, 2012


My New T-Shirt and Crossover Talk

Check out my new T-shirt!:

(Taken on my phone, because my camera is broken - so, apologies for the poor quality.)

If you, like me, enjoy Harry Potter, Supernatural, and Sherlock...perhaps you would be interested in reading my Trifecta crossover stories: 

Two Hunters, A Wizard Family, and the World's Only Consulting Detective Walk into a Cafe

And it's sequel: Two Hunters, a Military Doctor and a Consulting Detective Walk into Diagon Alley.

The only thing the stories are lacking is the good Doctor....I have never in my life attempted writing Doctor Who fic. Though, I must admit, with the time-debacle in S6 of Supernatural, I was VERY tempted.

Today when I was bored at work, I started writing Merlin/Sherlock fic in my head...I doubt I'll ever write it in Word, but still, it was fun. (That's not a pairing, btw...because no. It's against so many OTPs, not to mention wrong on many other levels - in my head.)

In T-shirt news: I should have gotten a large. I'm going to have to stretch this one out a bit. Lesson learned. But, the company also sent surprise candy! I love the Irish. :)

ETA: What would the tumblr name for this be? Superwholock Potter?