March 9th, 2012

Sam strung-out's everyone?

So, usually there's an episode of a certain TV show to watch tonight...and usually, even if there isn't, I go over to my friends' place and drink their wine and eat their food. Except, tonight there is no new Supernatural, and my friends are out at some fancy restaurant...

So...yeah, I'm kind of bored. I'd share pictures of my new digs, but the place is still kind of a mess. I'm getting there. I just have one suitcase left to unpack, and then all I have to do is clean up a bit. That being said, I'm getting a new kitchen faucet and a new bathroom sink on Monday, so maybe I'll wait until those are installed before I take pictures.

Anyway...does anyone want to chat?

Or how about I let you in on a special surprise...recently, a fellow fan got in touch with me to let me know that they actually knew mostly all the brand names of the Winchester's clothing, so, I've been working with this fan to slowly update my clothing catalogue to include that information. :) So far we've done mostly all of the coats, and only a handful of Sam's shirts, but we're working on more... I'm super jazzed about it!