December 11th, 2011

Dean/Books OTP

Season 6 Clothes COMPLETE!

I have now posted ALL CLOTHING FROM S6* for my If Clothes Could Talk project.

Collapse )

That's all the charts and graphs that I have for now. Many months ago, I was brainstorming new and complicated graphs for this project, so if I can find my notes on those, then I might come up with more graphs. In the meantime, this will have to tide you over.

I'm also thinking of maybe doing a graph that breaks down the shirt category...haven't you wondered just how many plaid shirts Sam owns? What percentage do up with snaps? What percentage are western-cut? (No? Just me then....not surprised. ;) )

*excluding costumes, jeans, generic t-shirts, suits, and shoes, all of which, I do not keep track of (though I may eventually add ties into the mix, we'll see.)