November 24th, 2011



Guys Guys GUYS! 

I think...I think I might be done my vid. I just need to make a better title screen, because my current one sucks...but, other than that...I don't think there's anything more that I have to do to it, besides figure out how to export it from the editor.

Oh man...what if it sucks? HOW DO I TELL?

I want to write a meta to go along with it too...because, well vids are a kind of meta in and of themselves, I'm used to using WORDS.

I am both excited to soon share it with you, and extremely nervous that it secretly is horrible and you will all be like "yeah, it's great"* and I will not know that you are only trying to spare my feelings, because I have laboured over this for a whole frickin' MONTH, when I could have been doing other stuff movie stars and assassinating foreign dictators!**

I don't have many transitions between clips, they are all hard cuts...but it's a fast song, and when I tried to put a fade between clips it made me seasick.*** So, hopefully that is okay. 

I used clips from multiple file formats, so hopefully when the program makes the final vid nothing screws up and the audio and video all align., I'm excited and nervous...I think that's the gist of this post.

ETA: Oh, also: Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!! Before I became part of the Supernatural Fandom (and before episode 5x16) I had no idea how important this holiday was to you guys. Also, I didn't even know that American Thanksgiving happened on a Thursday. So, thanks for teaching me that stuff.

*this quote must be read in monotone and sarcastically.
**in this instance "dating movie stars" means "posting If Clothes Could Talk on a regular schedule" and "assassinating foreign dictators" means "sitting around feeling sorry for myself."
***I am not joking. Mind you, I get seasick when I'm hungry and I tend to forget to eat while I'm working on the vid...but still, I didn't like the fades.