November 21st, 2011


Needed: Last 5 minutes of 3x16

I really hate to have to ask again, but... I'm in need of a good logo-free copy of 3x16 - again, I just really need the last five minutes. Of the two copies I downloaded, one said it was logo-free but wasn't, and the other downloaded but only the first 10 minutes actually work.

I'll look around myself, of course, but I just thought I would ask in case anyone has a copy laying around (or even just the bit from when Lilith reveals herself at the end).

Nevermind! Got it! YAY! apologize to those on my flist who don't like being spammed with my vid-making adventure. I promise it'll stop soon. I'm nearly done! 
Dean/Books OTP

On This Day in Supernatural-Universe History - November 21

I haven't done one of these in a while, let's see what I can come up with! 

For the purposes of my sanity, I am following actual chronological time, and therefore including the year that Dean spent with Lisa.

November 21st

1994 - Sam has probably already been invited to spend Thanksgiving with his friend Stephanie and her family. He's been attending a school called McKinley for nearly two weeks.

1997 - Sam and Dean attend Truman High in Fairfax, Indiana, or, perhaps have just left.

2003 - This is the last week Sam spends with his friend Brady while Brady is still actually Brady.

2005 - Sam and Dean are either in Manitoc, Wisconsin, investigating drownings, or else they have just left.

2006 - It is around this time that Dean tells Sam about their father's final words to Dean.

2007 - Unknown (Possibly hunting vampires while simultaneously being hunted by Gordon)

2008 - It's been two days since Dean told Sam about what happened to him in Hell. They have been working non-stop since.

2009 - Unknown (Possibly trapped in TV-Land by the Trickster, or possibly at a Supernatural Convention.)

2010 - Dean rakes leaves, works in construction, and secretly tries to find a way to rescue Sam, as he tries to live a normal life with Lisa and Ben Braedan in Cicero, Indiana. Meanwhile, Sam's body and brain hunt, while Sam's soul suffers.

2011 - Dean and Sam's body are getting tired of being Crowley's errand boys...or at least Dean is, Sam's body probably doesn't actually care. Meanwhile, Sam's soul still suffers.